1 = belie, betray, give away, manifest, reveal, throw up, unlock, disclose, divulge, unveil, go + public, lay + bare, bring to + light, throw + light on, illuminate, bare, hold + clue.
Ex. But Stanton kew that this remark belied James' impatience with the situation.
Ex. Deliberately to pay less attention to a query because it comes from the mayor of the city, or the chairman of the company, or the vice-chancellor of the university, would betray a perversity foreign to the normal well-adjusted librarian.
Ex. The part chosen should have a unity of its own, a wholeness that offers a complete experience without at the same time giving away everything.
Ex. A catalog, on the other hand, should manifest the attributes of a data base.
Ex. A study of the major general schemes reveals a wide gulf between theory, as outlined in the previous chapter, and practice, as reflected in the major schemes.
Ex. Demands from clients will often throw up an occurrence of similar problems, revealing perhaps the operation of an injustice, the lack of an amenity in the neighbourhood, or simply bureaucratic inefficiency.
Ex. NTIS is a key partner in unlocking the world's technology.
Ex. In the cafeteria, she disclosed to him what had happened at her meeting with Jay.
Ex. Wittingly or unwittingly, they mask other questions that users do not know how to ask or are uncertain that they want to divulge to someone else.
Ex. Here is an institution which knows, neither rank nor wealth within its walls, which stops the ignorant peer or the ignorant monarch at its threshold, and declines to unveil to him its treasures, or to waste time upon him, and yet welcomes the workman according to his knowledge or thirst for knowledge.
Ex. The article 'Can bibliotherapy go public?' advocates for the use of literature in the public library for total development and growth.
Ex. The aim of this article is to lay bare the causes of this state of affairs.
Ex. Her editorial does an excellent job of bringing to light the issues facing libraries, authors, and library patrons regarding the possibility and desirability of a single international copyright law.
Ex. It may be that a study of such associations might throw further light on the kinds of relationship we need to cater for in our index vocabularies.
Ex. This appraisal attempts to illuminate aspects of Irish library history omitted from international reference works.
Ex. The judge ruled that a magazine that published a photograph of a woman baring her breasts at a pig roast did not intrude on her privacy.
Ex. To reconstruct palaeoclimates, palaeoclimatologists analyse tree rings, ice cores, sea sediments and even rock strata which may hold clues to the state of the climate millions of years ago.
* historia + revelar = story + unfold.
* no revelar información = keep + silent, keep + silence.
* no revelar nada a nadie = lips + seal.
* obras que revelan un escándalo = exposé.
* revelar Algo = break + the news.
* revelar detalles = give away + details.
* revelar el secreto de = lift + the curtain on.
* revelar la solución = unveil + the solution.
* revelar la verdad = reveal + the truth.
* revelar + Posesivo + verdadera identidad = blow + Posesivo + cover.
* revelarse = unfold, come to + light.
* revelarse ante + Posesivo + ojos = unfold before + Posesivo + eyes.
* revelar secretos = reveal + secrets.
* revelar un secreto = spill + secret, spill + the beans, tell + a secret, let + the cat out of the bag, blow + the gaff.
* sin revelar = undisclosed, unrevealed.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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